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Hi, I’m Aashu Manchali

My team and I have built a creative learning space for children of 18 months to 6 years of age with personalized learning programs.

The founders have a combined experience of 35 years and a total of 3 engineering degrees, 2 Masters degrees and 2 PhDs along with a unparallel commitment and love to work on early education.


Here is a fun fact; I studied in a Montessori school about 20 years ago. My mom was so impressed with the Montessori method of teaching that she quit her corporate job to research early education and child psychology. She is one of the most qualified Montessorians in the country. 

Dr Maria Montessori believed that no human being is educated by another person. They must do it themselves or it will never be done. She felt that the goal of early childhood education should not be to fill the child with facts from pre-selected course, but instead to cultivate his own natural desire to learn.


I recommend you to watch this video where Trevor Eissler, another parent turned Montessori enthusiast talking about his experience. When I met him, he just couldn't resist telling us about everything he has learned from his children at their Montessori. 

Here are my two reasons for you to stick with an authentic montessori school..

Children are Respected - We observed that generally, traditional education did not respect children. Children were often treated as less than the teachers. Their needs, wants, and interests were made secondary to those of the instructor. To change this dynamic, we ensure that the educators demonstrate the kindness they wish to cultivate in children by taking a child-centered approach. In Montessori schools, teachers are encouraged to take their students’ curiosity seriously, help them learn for themselves, and foster their independence.

Personalized Learning - You know that every child learns at his own pace. Some learn faster, some take their time. Some are shy, some are outgoing, some are good listeners and there are prodigies cut out for greater things. Wouldn't it be ridiculous to engage all these children by one method? We understand this and our learning methods are curated to look at each child differently.




Please note that these are just indicative numbers, as I said earlier every child learns at his/her own pace and we just can't put a ticking stopwatch on it.

18 months - 25 months

25 months - 3 years

3 years - 4 years

4 years - 6 years


Here is why you should give us a shot...

We did not convert a house into a play-school. We built a 6000 sqft dedicated Montessori environment, carefully curating every inch of the premises. It took us 3 long years to build the place.

The Montessori classrooms are specially prepared environment that promotes a child’s freedom of choice. The room is well organized, with plenty of learning materials and space to use them. Students are encouraged to navigate the room on their own, letting their curious minds guide them as they explore the many learning tools the teacher has set out based on their students’ interests and progress. 



Plan your visit! 

Here is our address - Supra Montessori School, 25th Main Road, HSR Layout sector -2, Near KLM mall, Bengaluru - 560102

Did not like us? I can recommend other good Montessori schools around. Leave me a message on Whatsapp. 

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